Portable & Water-saving Dishwasher 

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This compact, completely portable, water-saving dishwasher is perfect for small families, renters, dorm rooms, and those living in tiny houses and RVs.


World’s only fully self-contained dishwasher. No fill or drain hoses needed. Just lift the lid, pour in three liters of water, load the unit, select a cleaning cycle, and turn it on. Because it is self-contained and can be plugged into an electrical outlet, you can use it anywhere. 

First-class cleaning and drying performance. Tired of washing unclean dishes? Compared with leading countertop dishwashers, our products use 40% less water to clean 50% of tableware 55% of the time.

The operation is so simple, you will cook desperately.
Just plug our product into a standard power outlet. After the meal, lift and remove the transparent lid of the product, add three liters of water, and then load up to three complete position settings. Choose your cleaning settings: standard for plates, bowls, glasses and silverware; ECO/SHORT for quick washing; STEMWARE for making wine glasses or champagne glasses and other delicate items; PLASTIC for those that usually melt in other dishwashers items, such as baby bottles and bowls; and fruits/vegetables mode can clean agricultural products and other household items without detergent.

When your dishes are done drying, remove the greywater tank, unscrew its lid, and dump out the wash water. It is environmentally-safe. You’ll love the results. And you’ll save water and energy.


External Dimensions: 17.3″w × 17″h × 15.75″d
Internal Dimensions: 17.3″w × 10″h × 15.4″d (fits 10″ plates)
Plumbing Connections: None needed
Electrical:3-prong 110-120 VAC
Weight:25 pounds
Warranty:1-year limited warranty


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